Board Experience

From Early Preclinical Stage to Clinical Stage Companies

Board Membership

Based on his vast experience in the Pharma Industry, Dr Kobrin is currently providing early and late stage Biotech companies advise and support in the following areas: research and development, regulatory, business development, fund raising, and communication, with the goal to help those companies grow through the development of innovative drugs and/or technologies for unmet medical needs. 

Early Stage Preclinical

Independent Board Member, ProteoMediX  AG

ProteoMediX  AG is a Swiss biotechnology spinoff company of ETH Zurich, specialized in the identification of novel biomarkers for the early detection of cancer and the personalized treatment thereof.

The first product currently developed is a blood-based test that enables the diagnosis of prostate cancer with significantly higher accuracy than today's clinical standard. This reduces unnecessary biopsies and thus would result in significant cost savings for the healthcare system and less discomfort for the patient.

Independent Board Member, Virometix AG

Virometix AG is a privately held Swiss biotechnology spin-out company from the University of Zurich, developing a new generation of vaccines for the prevention and treatment of infectious and chronic human diseases.

Virometix exploits the tools traditionally used in drug discovery, rational molecular design and chemical synthesis, for the generation of structurally optimized Synthetic Antigen Mimetics (SAMs) along with its proprietary Synthetic Virus-Like Particle (SVLP) platform technology for delivery of SAMS to immune system cells. With its uniquely positioned SVLP and SAM platform technologies, Virometix aims to establish a new benchmark in the design of synthetic vaccines and nano-medicines.

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tolremo Therapeutics AG

Tolremo Therapeutics AG is a privately held Swiss research-stage biotechnology company. Founded in March 2017 as an ETH Spin-off, the company is engaged in the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that target novel drug resistance pathways in cancer therapy. Tolremo’s vision is to meaningfully prolong the lives of cancer patients using its personalized anti-drug resistance therapies, which could be achieved through its ground-breaking scientific knowledge and discoveries.


Clinical Stage Phase II

Board member, Novaremed AG

Novaremed AG is a clinical stage (Phase 2) Swiss Biotechnology company, which was recently moved from Israel to Switzerland. Novaremed has discovered and is developing an orally active small molecule (NRD.E1) with a novel mechanism of action (Lyn receptor modulation) to treat Neuropathic Pain related to Diabetes (DNP), a disease affecting about 20% of diabetic patients and for which available treatment options have strong limitations in efficacy and/or tolerability.

The company has completed successfully a 3-week Phase 2a, proof of concept study (randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, multicenter) in patients with moderate or severe DNP. Based on the positive efficacy and safety results, the company is preparing for the Phase 2b trial.

Scientific ADVISORY Board member, Creso Pharma

Creso Pharma was created to bring pharmaceutical expertise and methodological rigor to the world of cannabis and deliver quality products to people and animals everywhere. Founded by a team of highly-experienced pharmaceutical executives, Creso set out to leverage cutting edge science and research to develop, register and commercialize innovative cannabis and hemp derived products